Bellybutton Drinking Glasses

Set of 4 $150 or $50 each

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They may have stayed home this summer, but they also stayed busy. Glassblower Conrad WIlliams spent the summer collaborating with his boys. He taught them how to make glass marbles, which he then incorporated into a drinking glass design. 

Sawyer (7) and Logan (9) have always had a fascination with their dad's glassblowing. It wasn't until quarantine that everyone's schedules freed up enough to really focus on a collaboration. The brothers are both fiercely independent  and it was clear that they  wanted ownership of  an element of the project . Conrad was interested in a concept that represented their time together. He developed a design that merged his blown glasses with the marbles he taught the boys to make. The result was a functional piece that could serve as a daily reminder of this special project and their bond. They decided to call them bellybutton glasses. 


While small and at first glance simple, marbles can still be a challenging form to master. Especially for beginners. Everyone rose to the challenge. The boys practiced the complex dexterity it takes to keep the blowpipe turning evenly with one hand, while gentle shaping the molten glass with their other hand. 


Everyone agreed that choosing and applying the color was the most exciting part of the process. The carnival of colors  Well, except for Sawyer, he loved using the blow torch . Hand over hand of course.  What 7 year old wouldn't? 

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