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Conrad's work draws from the heritage of Italian  techniques, 

while appreciating Scandinavian simplicity.



Glass artist, Conrad Williams, draws inspiration from the coastal palette of his hometown Naples, FL. Creating with glass since 1998, Conrad received his BFA from the California College of the Arts in glass and sculpture. During his career, he trained with many acclaimed artists, including a year of study under Dale Chihuly and Ben Moore in Seattle. 

    In 2008, Conrad and his wife, fellow artist Erin Williams, successfully established Studio West. This interactive fine art gallery and glassblowing studio in Eugene, OR served as a venue for Conrad to create his work. It also served as a teaching facility that was rated the most popular activity in the entire city. 

    In 2012, Conrad and Erin chose to return to their hometown of Naples, where he maintains two full-capacity studios and a busy teaching and demonstration schedule. He continues to make time to pursue his own fine art pieces, which are shown in galleries and design studios. 

    His initial fascination and love for glassblowing has never waned. Conrad is a true student of the art form and always striving to evoke the inherent grace and fluidity of the material in his finished pieces.

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